Monthly Archives: September 2010

Honor Student Daniel

We’re so proud of Daniel’s getting a STAR testing honor student award tonight.  Last year Daniel’s school spent a whole week taking California’s Standardized Testing and Reporting exams.  We were surprised when we found out the school gives awards to kids who do well.  Some kids did well in the Language Arts portion and got awards, some kids did well in the Math portion and got awards, but Daniel did well in both.  The last couple of years he got some ambiguous “enthusiastic learner” awards, but this one seems to actually be a measure of learning performance.  Good job Dan!!!!

Crocs, Zergs, and Music. Joe Birthday Fun.

After Jeanine, Wade and Luke took me out for a great seafood dinner on my birthday in Long Beach, I came home to celebrate with my family on Saturday.  I loved all the stuff I got: a fantastic home-made cake, my very own Crocs (thats a lot of rubber when you make them in a size 12), Starcraft II for my Mac, and an amazingly excellent sounding Ipod stereo dock. Unfortunately mom was the sickest I’ve ever seen her during all of this, so that kind of overshadowed everything, but it made me appreciate the time spent with my fantastic loving family even more.